Baby Tawnies is an ideal book for Prep to Year 2 fitting into all areas of the curriculum. 

I have a half hour talk which includes reading my book, showing pictures of the real tawny frogmouths which inspired my story, showing the children how I made the illustrations in felt, and discussing the journey from 3D to the printed page. Then the children can ask any questions they have.

I would be delighted to visit your school or early childhood centre in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area. I prefer to speak to small groups, maximum of 2 classes at a time.

Discussion areas; tawny frogmouths, australian birds, nocturnal animals, baby animals, habitats, nests, parenting, role models, siblings, courage, trying new things, learning new skills, different methods of illustration, making models out of different materials.

Teachers Resources for Baby Tawnies are on line.

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